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a new experience

I recently had the wonderful experience of catering a yoga retreat. Overall it was a lot of recipe testing, shopping, prepping and of course, cooking. I’m so grateful to my friend Erin, who asked me to collaborate with her retreat. I proved to myself that I could pull it off, and in the process, I met some lovely ladies.

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creamy but no cream?

I have a friend who is a self described Pinterest addict. She has told me that her evening routine after she puts her two boys to bed, involves scrolling through and pinning recipes, crafts and redecorating ideas on Pinterest. Because of this addiction, my friend has found a bunch of great recipes, a few of which she has passed along to me.  Continue reading creamy but no cream?

dressing trickery

I love trying to trick people into thinking they’re eating something they’re not. No, I’m not mean spirited or a trickster, I simply enjoy surprising people with unexpected ingredients. A ‘cream’ sauce that doesn’t contain an ounce of dairy, a ‘blue cheese’ dressing that doesn’t have a bit of cheese, a dessert that has beans in it. You get the idea. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a dairy loving and meat eating individual. I just like the idea of messing with people’s tastebuds.

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the cheagan vegan

Since moving back to Portland I’ve made a point of taking in the Pacific NW that I somehow forgot existed. I’ve reconnected with the beauty of my home state through a series of hikes. One of the great things about living in Portland is that it’s easy to get to a number of spectacular hiking spots in 60 minutes or less. I’ve even taken to identifying wildflowers during my hikes. Yes, I’ve become that nerdy person. Getting into nature has reintroduced me to my surroundings and has given me a new appreciation for the Pacific NW.  Continue reading the cheagan vegan

the cure for homesickness in a dip

Every time I visit my home state of Oregon, which incidentally usually occurs during the summer, I breathe in the state and enjoy my time to its fullest. Family, friends, green as far as the eye can see, inexpensive (relatively speaking) housing, roadside wild blackberries, no sales tax, no getting out of the car to pump your gas; Oregon is easy living at its best. After a visit, I need to remind myself that the wonderland of greatness in the summer turns into a sunless, rainy, gray, borderline depressive state during the remaining eight, sometimes nine months of the year.  Continue reading the cure for homesickness in a dip

copy cat from OC

It’s no secret that I didn’t exactly take well to living in Orange County. Aside from a friendship with three very wonderful ladies, with whom I’m still close, I really don’t miss living behind the “orange curtain” much. However, now that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have better perspective on OC. The Vietnamese food in OC is superior, the weather is better and the beaches are warmer.  OC is also home to my favorite vegan eatery. I keep hoping a Native Foods will pop up in the Bay Area, but it hasn’t. There’s more competition in the veggie/vegan space in the Bay Area, so it’s probably not viable for a new player to move in. Every time I visit OC, a trip to Native Foods for the peanut butter parfait is a must.  Continue reading copy cat from OC