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holiday decadence

‘Tis the season for excess. I seem to be making that my mantra during the month of December. It all started at the beginning of the month with a handful of cookie baking sessions with my very pregnant girlfriend. She needed distractions to keep her mind off her current situation, so baking seemed to fit the bill. The closer she got to her due date, the more these baking  sessions ramped up. We baked, we cooked, we rolled rum balls, we did it all.  Continue reading holiday decadence

chocolate makes everything better?

The onslaught of news about violence seems to be endless these days. I find myself asking a lot of questions. Are these horrific things happening in the U.S. because of our Republican presidential nominee? Do certain people think bad behavior is ok because they hear the Republican nominee regularly threatening, valorizing and inciting violence? Is a ‘lone wolf’ inspired by a terrorist group’s ideology going to be the new normal? Is it now socially acceptable to stir up the pot, get in confrontations and fight with strangers? Am I just being dramatic, and this has been happening for years, but we tend to hear more about it now?

Continue reading chocolate makes everything better?

guest blogger – a trick of a dessert

As long as I’ve known my dear friend Erin, she has struggled with, what she calls, an addiction to sugar. Mind you, she’s the size of a pin, so it’s not weight that is her challenge, but rather the dependence on cookies, ice cream and candy. I remember a perhaps not fully sober night, when a group of us walked to the local Plaid Pantry (for those of you from Oregon, you know all about “The Plaid”). Erin made a beeline for a large package of Bit ‘O Honey candy and proceeded to go on and on about how it was the best-tasting candy she had ever had and how she loved it so much. Yes, Erin loves sugar.  Continue reading guest blogger – a trick of a dessert

celebrating 50 years of amazing

This year Nutella is celebrating its 50th anniversary. I tried finding out when the actual date is, but the interwebs failed me. Ok, I’ll admit, I didn’t dig that deeply. My plan is to celebrate Nutella every day. Which is something I do regardless of whether or not the creamy, chocolate, hazelnut spread is celebrating a golden anniversary.  Continue reading celebrating 50 years of amazing