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the cheagan vegan

Since moving back to Portland I’ve made a point of taking in the Pacific NW that I somehow forgot existed. I’ve reconnected with the beauty of my home state through a series of hikes. One of the great things about living in Portland is that it’s easy to get to a number of spectacular hiking spots in 60 minutes or less. I’ve even taken to identifying wildflowers during my hikes. Yes, I’ve become that nerdy person. Getting into nature has reintroduced me to my surroundings and has given me a new appreciation for the Pacific NW.  Continue reading the cheagan vegan

they like my balls

Friends. They are such an integral part of my life.  I think growing up in a small family and being an only child has shaped my need for seeking and keeping myself surrounded with friends. I’m picky about my friends; I need to have real connection and commonalities. Truth be told, life is way too short to waste time with people who don’t treat you right. I like to surround myself with people who support, inspire, care and make me laugh. I am thankful to have a wonderful group of friends, near and far, who embody these characteristics.  Continue reading they like my balls