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a love letter to SF

Leaving is hard to do. I think as I get older, saying goodbye to a familiar place feels more challenging than it used to. I left Portland 12 years ago and barely looked back. I was too busy looking forward to a new adventure in California. In the 12 years since I left my home state, I’ve lived in Southern and Northern California, and have fallen in love with life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today my husband and I are embarking on a new adventure in Portland. I’m excited at the prospect of living as a fully formed adult in Portland, being geographically closer to my dad and reuniting with my friends.  Continue reading a love letter to SF

the burrito lives on

Circa 1987. A gawky, lanky, adolescent girl frequents El Toro Taqueria at least once a week with her mom who lives up the street on 17th and Dearborn in the Mission district of San Francisco. This was back in the days before the Mission was filled with hipsters, cool bars and top notch restaurants. In fact, it was a bit scary back in ’87. Some of my memories include my mom and I getting harassed on the way to and from the 16th Street BART station, and the big neon 500 Club martini glass sign at the corner of 17th and Guerrero represented a scary business to keep away from, not a cool dive bar with a photo booth. How the Mission has changed.


El Toro Taqueria in the old days

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