copy cat from OC

It’s no secret that I didn’t exactly take well to living in Orange County. Aside from a friendship with three very wonderful ladies, with whom I’m still close, I really don’t miss living behind the “orange curtain” much. However, now that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have better perspective on OC. The Vietnamese food in OC is superior, the weather is better and the beaches are warmer.  OC is also home to my favorite vegan eatery. I keep hoping a Native Foods will pop up in the Bay Area, but it hasn’t. There’s more competition in the veggie/vegan space in the Bay Area, so it’s probably not viable for a new player to move in. Every time I visit OC, a trip to Native Foods for the peanut butter parfait is a must. 

After several failed attempts attempts, I finally got the combination of ingredients pretty close. When I get a craving for the creamy, peanut buttery vegan yumminess, instead of hopping on a plane, I whip it up in my own kitchen. If you like peanut butter, but are afraid of anything vegan, I encourage you to try this recipe. You’ll be shocked that there’s no dairy in it.


My kitchen notes:

I like to top each cup with a couple of chocolate chips.

It’s important to use firm tofu. I started out using soft tofu and ended up with a runny mess.

Peanut Butter Parfait 

1 cup peanut butter

14 ounces firm tofu

1/2 cup agave

1 cup vegan cream cheese

1/3 cup sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

1. Blend tofu and peanut butter in a food processor until smooth, about 4-5 minutes. Stopping periodically to scrape sides of processor.

2. Add cream cheese to mixture and continue to blend.

3. Add agave, sugar and vanilla and keep blending until incorporated and silky smooth.

4. Put mousse into individual jars, cups or bowls and chill for a few hours before serving.




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