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borrowed books result in celery root salad

I’ve started pilfering my friend’s many cookbooks. You see, she’s quite the cookbook collector, but claims to rarely cook, which I know is not true. However, since she made this claim, I happily grabbed a number of her cookbooks to peruse and borrow indefinitely. One in particular is a beautiful book by ex Chez Pannisse alum David Lebovitz, who now resides in Paris, and whose cookbook now lives on my bookshelf.  Continue reading borrowed books result in celery root salad

tasty n alder’s radicchio salad

If you live in Portland and like food, chances are you’ve dined at one of the restaurants in chef John Gorham’s portfolio of awesomeness. I first learned of Tasty n Sons in Bon Appetit magazine when I lived in the Bay Area. A few years ago when I was visiting in Portland from the Bay Area, I insisted that a group of my friends and I wait in the excruciatingly long weekend brunch line at Tasty n Sons. I really dislike waiting in line for food, and usually draw the line at an hour wait. However, my rule of no waiting for food seems to get thrown out the window when it comes to John Gorham’s restaurants.  Continue reading tasty n alder’s radicchio salad

the salad of summer

Last summer I went to a concert at an outdoor winery/music venue. The evening was warm (it was outside the SF fog zone, mind you!), the music was amazing and the company of three girlfriends made for a beautiful evening. However, being the food obsessed person that I am, rather than relish in the musical experience, I couldn’t stop thinking about the peach tomato salad my friend Audrey made for our pre concert picnic. It’s a salad she had tried at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack and decided to recreate for our concert picnic. It had just the right combination of sweetness and acidity, with a hint of salty cheese. A tasty salute to summer.  Continue reading the salad of summer