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churn, baby churn

It has been unseasonably springlike in Portland the past few weeks. I’m talking between 65 and 70 degrees for days. I’ve got to admit, the Bay Area-like weather has made the transition back to Oregon a lot easier than I thought it would be. It also makes me feel like taking advantage of the weather in ways I didn’t in California. Because in the back of my mind I have this sinking feeling that the rain is waiting to surprise us in April.  Continue reading churn, baby churn

kitchen magic

I have great childhood memories of going to friends’ houses for slumber parties. Those nights away from my own ‘natural earth mama’ house usually entailed eating junk food at night and sugary cereal the next morning. Ice cream with Smucker’s Magic Shell topping for dessert and Apple Jacks for breakfast, thank you very much. That combo  would never have made it through the threshold of my parents’ house.  Continue reading kitchen magic