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bring back the harvey wallbanger

It doesn’t get more ’70s than a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. I certainly was not drinking this iconic cocktails as a baby during the 1970s, but I can appreciate a drink whose heyday occurred during the decade of my birth. I’ve been familiar with the Harvey Wallbanger for a while, I may have seen it on a couple of cocktail menus , but I never gave it any thought until my friend Shannon told me the history with her grandma’s love for the drink.  Continue reading bring back the harvey wallbanger

a taste of the holidays from puerto rico

I’m a podcast addict. I subscribe to an embarrassing amount of them, and never seem to catch up on listening to my ever-growing collection. Podcasts suck down memory on my phone, but I love them, all of them. I listen to a wide variety, including  a handful of podcasts that are food-related. One of which is The Sporkful, which is produced by WNYC and is hosted by a man whose laugh makes my skin crawl. Despite the laugh, I keep tuning in every time a new episode appears on my phone, because the content is good.    Continue reading a taste of the holidays from puerto rico

quintessential austin in a glass

I was in Austin last week, and visit number three really sealed my love for the quirky capital of Texas. My husband and I spent a few days biking our way through the bar, restaurant and  food cart-lined streets that populate the unconventional beard-clad, music and food-obsessed city.  Continue reading quintessential austin in a glass