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yoyogi cocktail

I think I’ve found my favorite cocktail of 2016, and that’s saying a lot because I love cocktails.  I first sipped the Yoyogi at Noraneko, a restaurant located in Portland where I live. The restaurant is billed as a ramen shop, but their Japanese appetizers and traditional comfort foods are what dominate the menu. What gets me excited about Noraneko is their bar program. They have an extensive selection of traditional Japanese whiskeys and mixed drinks on the menu.  Continue reading yoyogi cocktail

the cocktail of fall

Fall has hit Portland in a big way. Leaves are falling, birds are flying away, rain is descending from the sky. Like many things I forgot while living in California, the shift from summer to fall in October slipped from my memory.  Continue reading the cocktail of fall

when friends give you lemons

I have the pleasure of having a friend who has a large Meyer lemon tree in his backyard. Mind you, we were friends before I knew he had a lemon tree. In fact, we may have been friends before he bought the house with the tree. At any rate, my friend has been known to leave a shopping bag of lemons on my doorstep, and when this happens, I make things. Lemon pudding cake, limoncello, lemon curd. You get the idea.  Continue reading when friends give you lemons

drinking the season

There are many things I love about this time of year. My favorites are artichokes, rhubarb, asparagus and nettles, although I think rhubarb is at the top of my list. I remember a patch of rhubarb that grew under a cherry tree in the yard of my childhood home. I also remember my mom and dad warning me to stay away from the poisonous leaves and my mom making strawberry rhubarb jam. It’s definitely a flavor of nostalgia for me, and there’s also something about the unique taste of rhubarb that I’m drawn to. In April, when I typically start seeing rhubarb in stores, I get excited. I like to ease into rhubarb season by making my favorite cocktail, the rhubarb daiquiri. The flavor of the rhubarb really comes through and melds well with the rum. For me, this drink represents spring.  Continue reading drinking the season