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the cocktail of fall

Fall has hit Portland in a big way. Leaves are falling, birds are flying away, rain is descending from the sky. Like many things I forgot while living in California, the shift from summer to fall in October slipped from my memory.  Continue reading the cocktail of fall

the cake of fall, aka the best apple cake ever

During my early twenties I worked at the corporate headquarters of a building materials manufacturer. If you’ve ever been to a Home Depot, you’ve likely seen the company’s products. The HQ where I worked was full of characters, namely the president and CEO. This man was a classic ego driven company man. He sported a Clark Gable mustache,  entertained on the company’s yacht, and lived in a company-owned estate complete with a helipad and chef. The corporate office occupied the top two floors of the tallest building in Portland, of course.  Continue reading the cake of fall, aka the best apple cake ever