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Learning Chinese cooking from the best: Stir fried pork with celery and dried tofu

I’m doing my best to focus on the positive during these days of pandemic uncertainty. Collectively, we seem to be doing a lot of panic shopping, hysteria cooking and doomsday prepping. The upshot is many of us are cooking, experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen. Hell, I’ve found more recipes for sourdough starter than I’ve seen in my lifetime. 

I’ve been doing my bit to “fatten the curve” by creating the extra indulgent things I love. I figure we all need to nourish our collective spirit while we wait for the day we can come out of our hiding places.  Continue reading Learning Chinese cooking from the best: Stir fried pork with celery and dried tofu

done is better than perfect

Post number three and I’m already diverging from the overarching food-centric nature that I envisioned for this blog. But I can’t help myself, I have success on the brain. Last night I went with my friend Kerri to a Commonwealth Club presentation hosted by Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg. The two women spoke about how to redefine what we think of as success. Arianna Huffington has written a book about the subject called Thrive. Part of me thinks that it’s easy (ok, not easy, but easier) to write about redefining something you have already, by our society, achieved. Yes, I’m a cynic.

Cynicism aside, overall the subject matter was aspirational, and the women went into detail about the book. The gist? Remember that there is more to life than wealth and power. Arianna provided practical tips on now to have a more meaningful life, how to be less stressed, have a better balance, sleep more, meditate and give to others. Sounds obvious, right? But the reminder to thrive is exactly what I need right now.

My favorite takeaway of the evening: done is better than perfect. I know I get caught up in the endless cycle of tinkering with something until I’ve taken so much time with it that I no longer see straight and end up not finishing, making mistakes and jumping to another project. In fact, last night I was telling Kerri about my blog and I started over explaining that it was a work in progress, I haven’t set up and organized everything the way I want yet, and so on. She replied with, “done is better than perfect.” Thank you, Kerri for putting things into perspective.

And now, back to food.