spring-y soup

Now that I once again live in a state with distinct seasons, I find the timing of making certain recipes has changed. No longer can I find citrus at the farmers market in January. In fact, I’m hard pressed to find a farmers market open in Portland in January.  After a year in Portland, I’ve adjusted to braising pork shoulder in the winter and baking peach cobbler in the summer. Spring is when things get really fun in the kitchen. Flowers start blooming, fiddlehead ferns start showing up at the markets, and rhubarb is readily available. My recipe choices start to lighten up as the weather warms. 

To me, fresh dill represents the flavor of spring. Although technically it starts appearing in gardens in the summer, there’s something about its fresh flavor that feels like a warm spring day.

I was drawn to this soup recipe because dill and spinach are a bright and light combination. This soup is great warm or chilled, making it a great spring and summer soup.


My kitchen notes

If you like dill like I do, consider adding more than 2 tablespoons.

Don’t substitute dried dill weed for fresh dill. The soup will not taste as it’s intended.

Creamy Spinach Soup – adapted from Food and Wine magazine

Serves 4

1 pound spinach, stemmed (about 20 cups)

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 tablespoons flour

2 small shallots, finely chopped

4 cups chicken stock

1 cup heavy cream

2 tablespoons chopped dill, plus more for garnish (see my kitchen notes)

Kosher salt and  pepper

Pinch of nutmeg

2 hard boiled eggs, halved for garnish


  1. In a pot of salted boiling water, blanch the spinach until very tender, about 3 minutes. Drain and transfer spinach to a bowl of ice water to cool. Drain well and squeeze out any excess water.

2.  In a large saucepan, melt the butter. Add flour and cook over medium heat, stirring until golden, about 2 minutes.

3.  Add chopped shallots and cook until softened, about 2 minutes.

4. Whisk in chicken stock and bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes. Stir in the heavy cream, chopped dill and cook until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes.

5. Stir in the drained spinach.

6. With an immersion blender, puree the soup until smooth. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.


7. Ladle into bowls, garnish with egg and dill.



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