thank you

Wow, it’s been another year since I began this thing in March 2014. A lot happened in 2015, more so than in a typical year for me. The year started with a move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland Oregon, which was bittersweet, but turned out to be a really good decision. Mid year a dear friend of mine passed away, which I continue to try and make sense of, and deal with the feelings evoked in me by her death. The year ended with a three-week trip to Asia, from which I just returned. I feel recharged and ready to share many of the recipes I learned to make while traveling. 

I know you’re busy. Just look at everything that happens on and offline every day. So it makes it even more relevant for me to say thanks for reading, thinking and commenting here on my blog.

Image by Huffington Post

I love that you come back, again and again. I’m grateful regardless of whether you skim the content, read the whole post or add a comment.

I love that you make the recipes I write about, and let me know what you made.

I love knowing that something that has meaning to me is being passed along to you.

So thanks that, in such a busy online world, you make time for me.

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “thank you”

  1. Thank you Lee! You’re the best I have had to offer the world and you’ve never disappointed.
    Your ever loving Mom

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