the BOMB experiment

On a recent weekend afternoon, my husband and I logged in a few hours at a restaurant with an expansive patio. While sitting on that sunny patio, beers in hand, facing the water, we started scheming ways in which to market my husband’s amazing bacon.  He’s been making ‘backyard bacon’ for a few months now. There have been winning batches in terms of taste, and one losing batch that was way too salty. He’s perfected the combo of curing ingredients, and time on the smoker, and the last round he made was out of this world. Full disclosure on being completely biased, but damn that bacon really is tasty. 


Buck’s Oh My Bacon, or BOMB, was conceived that sunny day while drinking beer on the patio. The name seemed like a good idea while drinking 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer. I should mention that Buck is my husband’s nickname.  After we settled on BOMB for the name, the next idea was to write a simple Facebook post to let people know that my husband is going to make a batch of bacon, and that BOMB is available for sale for anyone who is interested.

Twelve hours after the Facebook post, and it looks like we have 12 pounds of bacon to cure and smoke. I sourced the pork belly, which I’ll pick up on Wednesday. And then it’s time to put this BOMB experiment into action.

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