the BOMB experiment

On a recent weekend afternoon, my husband and I logged in a few hours at a restaurant with an expansive patio. While sitting on that sunny patio, beers in hand, facing the water, we started scheming ways in which to market my husband’s amazing bacon.  He’s been making ‘backyard bacon’ for a few months now. There have been winning batches in terms of taste, and one losing batch that was way too salty. He’s perfected the combo of curing ingredients, and time on the smoker, and the last round he made was out of this world. Full disclosure on being completely biased, but damn that bacon really is tasty.  Continue reading the BOMB experiment


drinking the season

There are many things I love about this time of year. My favorites are artichokes, rhubarb, asparagus and nettles, although I think rhubarb is at the top of my list. I remember a patch of rhubarb that grew under a cherry tree in the yard of my childhood home. I also remember my mom and dad warning me to stay away from the poisonous leaves and my mom making strawberry rhubarb jam. It’s definitely a flavor of nostalgia for me, and there’s also something about the unique taste of rhubarb that I’m drawn to. In April, when I typically start seeing rhubarb in stores, I get excited. I like to ease into rhubarb season by making my favorite cocktail, the rhubarb daiquiri. The flavor of the rhubarb really comes through and melds well with the rum. For me, this drink represents spring.  Continue reading drinking the season

coachella – party in the desert or haven for food lovers?

I just returned from a weeklong trip to Southern California that included the Coachella music festival, Joshua Tree National Park, the Salton Sea and Orange County. Whew, I’m beat!

I’ve wanted to experience Coachella for a long while. The three-day party in the desert intrigued me because of the top-notch bands, camping aspect and desert heat. The festival always sells out in two hours, and you have to be persistent to get your hands on tickets. Lucky for me, my husband loves a challenge and set aside a few hours on the morning tickets went on sale back in February. Alas, I finally made it to Coachella.  Continue reading coachella – party in the desert or haven for food lovers?

“gourping” part one

In recent years there have been many references to “glamping” which for me, good or bad, conjures a specific image. Picture a wealthy couple rolling into a beautifully decorated canvas tent with a private cook on hand ready to attend to their every need for their weekend “roughing it” getaway. When I camp, I prefer to use the term “gourping” which is a word that encompasses the gourmet side of camping. I like to rough it, but I don’t like to eat freeze dried food or Oscar Mayer hot dogs.  Continue reading “gourping” part one

veg reform

Last spring I traveled to Japan for two weeks, and very unfortunately, got a bad case of the flu. Anyone who’s been sick while on vacation can relate to the horrible feeling of not being in your own bed, and missing out on the things you should be doing on vacation. Lying on a tatami mat writhing in pain is not my first choice of activities. Luckily, I got sick toward the end of the trip, however, after arriving home, it was like the clock reset itself and I was sick all over again for another week. During that time, I decided to power through the Netflix queue and I ended up watching an innumerable amount of food documentaries.  Continue reading veg reform

the burrito lives on

Circa 1987. A gawky, lanky, adolescent girl frequents El Toro Taqueria at least once a week with her mom who lives up the street on 17th and Dearborn in the Mission district of San Francisco. This was back in the days before the Mission was filled with hipsters, cool bars and top notch restaurants. In fact, it was a bit scary back in ’87. Some of my memories include my mom and I getting harassed on the way to and from the 16th Street BART station, and the big neon 500 Club martini glass sign at the corner of 17th and Guerrero represented a scary business to keep away from, not a cool dive bar with a photo booth. How the Mission has changed.


El Toro Taqueria in the old days

Continue reading the burrito lives on

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