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vegan (kind of) copy cat

It’s been almost a month since my experience in the desert for the Coachella Music Festival. I’m still thinking about amazing performances by Beck, Nas, Girl Talk and numerous others. I’m also still thinking  about the Buffalo-style cauliflower from the Mohawk Bend booth at Coachella. Because I don’t live in LA, and Coachella only happens once a year, I’m unable to drop in when I get a craving. Which means my copy cat mentality has set in. I do this a lot, you see. I will fall in love with a dish at a restaurant and become fixated on recreating it at home.

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veg reform

Last spring I traveled to Japan for two weeks, and very unfortunately, got a bad case of the flu. Anyone who’s been sick while on vacation can relate to the horrible feeling of not being in your own bed, and missing out on the things you should be doing on vacation. Lying on a tatami mat writhing in pain is not my first choice of activities. Luckily, I got sick toward the end of the trip, however, after arriving home, it was like the clock reset itself and I was sick all over again for another week. During that time, I decided to power through the Netflix queue and I ended up watching an innumerable amount of food documentaries.  Continue reading veg reform